Drive your friends crazy with this cool Firefox trick!

24 05 2007

Firefox inside Firefox? Oh My God! What the hell is this?

This nifty little Firefox trick that is sure to drive some of your friends crazy! As seen in the screenshot above you can very easily embed multiple Firefox windows inside of your main Firefox window. All you have to do is enter this into the Firefox address bar and press Enter:


The usefulness of this trick is probably next to nothing, but it will surely drive your friends crazy when they see their Firefox looking like the screenshot above! If you set their homepage to the address listed above it will automatically create a second Firefox window, but to create multiple windows inside of windows like I did, you will have to type the code manually multiple times.



2 responses

24 05 2007

I don’t use FireFox, but if I did I would do this to all my FireFox friends!!! Lol. Where di you get this? Any for Google?

13 02 2009


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