The Whole Saga of PDF files

29 05 2007

I know that you already know a lot about them, the PDFs. They have become quite popular in recent times.

PDF stands for portable document format. The most popular PDF creator is Adobe however, there are many different readers and other utilities on the market that can create these types of files and allow you to read these files on your computer.

PDF files are very popular as they can hold documents up to hundreds of pages. The pages will look exactly like the original document such as the font, colors, graphics, text, drawings, photos, business logic, 3D, and all full color graphics.

PDF files allows you to share your document with others around the world no matter what operating system they may have such as Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and other mobile platforms. PDF files can be viewed and printed without any problem thus giving you the ability to share your pictures, documents, graphs, and more with family, co-workers, or business associates around the world.

Certain Adobe PDF software programs such as Adobe Acrobat 8 and Adobe LiveCycle allow the creator to digitally sign or password protect their documents along with other PDF programs.

PDF files when compiled are searchable with such actions as locating certain words, data fields, or even bookmarks. PDF files are also created to be accessible with individuals with disabilities.

Hey! These number of advantages are enough to make them popular over other document formats. So next time you want to share a document, which contains more than text, convert it into a PDF, and have it seen as you want it to be.



One response

29 05 2007

Nice article .. Was pdf format created by Adobe? and what are the other alternatives to Acrobat ?

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