Playing around with PDFs

30 05 2007

So now you know what are PDFs. (No need to remember what PDF stands for). And you are really impressed by its features, which stand high over other document formats. Its easy for me to guess what you want to do now. So here I am going to list some of the free PDF creators (and if you are thinking that PDF format was created by Adobe then you are thinking right, and the format was first used in 1993…so now you know why Adobe is dominant in PDF mania).

1. PrimoPDF

     PrimoPDF is one of the best free PDF creators. It is also very easy to use. All you have to do is to print the document to PrimoPDF printer (it installs itself as a printer). That means you can create PDF from virtually any application. You can also define security settings for your PDF.

2. PDF reDirect

    PDF reDirect is a free PDF creator with paid upgrade available. But the free version is more than enough for a beginner.

3. CutePDF

     CutePDF free version also provides you all the standard functions you need for creating PDF documents.

Now to view your PDFs you need a PDF viewer. You can view them with Adobe Acrobat, or if you don’t like to see the Acrobatics each time you open a PDF (sometimes one or two pages), then you can try these free PDF readers:

1. Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader has nowadays become one of the most popular free PDF readers (it has a paid upgrade though). It is extremely light on resources and amazingly fast. (But you can’t expect the same functionality as Adobe Acrobat, the Big Boss).

2. Free eXPert PDF Reader

    Free eXPert PDF Reader provides all the basic this-and-thats to view and print PDFs

Free softwares are the best option for home users. I myself use PrimoPDF and Foxit Reader as they best suit my needs (and pocket too). So choose for yourself and just let me know.



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