Which is the fastest browser?

30 05 2007

There are hundreds of thousands of discussions going on in forums with the same question which is the fastest browser on Earth? My friends often ask me the same question. So I decided to find answer to this question. In my test, I included the three most popular browsers – Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 2 and Opera 9 as well as Avant browser.

I conducted my tests on three different machines – one of mine and two of my friends. This

was done to simulate the bigger scene i.e. millions of people in the world have computers of

various hardware configurations. The results were as I had expected – no single browser came out as the winner. Different browsers fared well on different computers. This simply means that no browser can be designated as the fastest or the best. On my PC, Opera is the fasted whereas on one of my friends machine, Firefox led the way.

The conclusion is that one should himself find out which browser suits him best. And to do this, he should test all the main browsers at least once. The rest lies upon your choice.



One response

14 06 2007

i think i should download opera9

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