Boost up your system’s performance in two easy steps

14 06 2007

Your computer can become slow as hell if it is not maintained properly. The average size of hard drive has become quite large in recent times, and this is one of the reasons for slow speed and decreased system performance. The main reason behind this is the fragmentation of files on the hard disk over a period of time. More space, less organized files. So today I will tell you how to increase your system performance with the help of two of the best freewares available around – CCleaner and Auslogics Disk Defrag.

Lets first download both these freewares:

Download the latest version of CCleaner here

Download Auslogics Disk Defrag here

After you have installed both the softwares, first run CCleaner. Clean up all the junk off your hard drive with it and also scan and clean up your registry.

Now exit all your programs and start Auslogics Disk Defrag. (There is an in-built defragmenting tool in Windows but it is too slow). Select the drive and start defragmenting.

Note: Defragmentation can take several hours depending upon the level of fragmentation and the number of files.

After you have defragmented all your partitions, you are sure to see a great difference in the performance and speed of your system.

I recommend you to defrag your hard drive at least once every month.



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14 06 2007

Hi, You have recommended CCleaner and Auslogics defrag, but I have found that while ccleaner is great, auslogics defrag is not really up to the mark. I never noticed any improvement after using Auslogics, and actually it has even fewer features than the default windows defrag program. It often refuses to defrag large and heavily fragmented files.

I would strongly recommend Diskeeper Pro, since it has more features, is much more stable, and runs with minimal user intervention.

14 06 2007
Kunwar Saini

Thanks for your recommendation Sankar. While Diskeeper Pro is better than Auslogics Disk Defrag, it is not freeware. So for users who want a free solution, they may use these freewares.

20 06 2007

Hi Kunwar,

I use CCleaner to clear up the temp files etc , its a wonderful utility.
I was surprised the other day when my new system when analyzed said that the HDD was fragmented. More space, more chaos! I noticed this only when i tried opening a couple of programs and what used to take less than a second started taking longer. I think fragmentation is taken more lightly than it should be, most people tend to brush it off as an unnecessary chore.

22 12 2009

Yeah, I agree with your opinion that though there are many ways to fix a slow computer and maintain PC performance, a simple disk defragmentation can not be missed when trying to get a faster computer for it helps to easily make the computer run faster by rearranging them stay at the same single place and insist on regularly defragmenting my computer. When searching the Internet, I have found an article taking about this in details as you can get more further information here:—Make-Computers-Run-Faster-Soon&id=3162755. Believe me, it is really worth reading!

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