Replace Windows Explorer with FreeCommander 2007

22 06 2007

Windows Explorer is a reasonable tool for managing your files and documents. But it hasn’t really changed for years and, while we all wait for the new version of Explorer, this doesn’t enable us to get our work finished more efficiently and effectively within Windows Vista.

FreeCommander is a Windows Explorer replacement that will enable you to work with multiple folders more quickly.

For instance, freeCommander has the facility to open a dual-panel window, which means you can have two folders (or hard drive contents) open within both windows, and then simply drag files to and from each window.


With built-in support for different archive formats and the ability to synchronise between different folders, you can quickly compare the contents of two folders and then choose to update the destination window with only the updated or new content.

This is an excellent option when you want to remotely access and update your homepage. Open the local folder contents within one window and the remote contents in the other window pane, compare the contents then synchronise.

Download FreeCommander 2007 here 



3 responses

22 06 2007

seems cool

20 06 2009

Yeah, but how do you replace windows explorer? I saw your title and came here to see how to fully replace explorer, I already use freeCommander, you don’t need to sell me on it. How about how to rebind Win+E or how to make freeCommander open on a folder double click or something.

13 09 2009

How To Replace Explorer With FreeCommander

1. Open a text editor such as notepad (or my favorite “notepad++).

2. Paste the following text into a new document:




@=”\”C:\\Program Files\\FreeCommander\\FreeCommander.exe\” /C /R=\”%1\””

3. Save the document as “replace-with-freecommander.reg” (name the document as “replace-with-freecommander.reg”)

4. Open the document named “replace-with-freecommander.reg” (double click it).

5. Click “Yes” to the following pop-up: “Are you sure you want to add the information in ..\replace-with-freecommander.reg to the registry?

Done. Enjoy!

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