Beware! Harry Potter Fans (and others too)

1 07 2007

Security experts have warned of a newly intercepted worm that carries its malware payload in a file purporting to be a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The Hairy-A worm can automatically infect a PC when users plug in USB drives, which carry a file posing as a copy of the eagerly anticipated book.

If the users have allowed USB drives to ‘auto-run’ they will see a file called ‘HarryPotter-TheDeathlyHallows.doc’. Inside this Word document is the simple phrase ‘Harry Potter is dead’.

The worm looks for other removable drives to infect and attempts to create a number of new users on infected computers.

These ‘new users’ appear as the main characters from J K Rowling’s celebrated series, namely ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Hermione Granger’ and ‘Ron Weasley’.

After logging in, users are shown the following message via a batch file:
‘read and repent
the end is near
repent from your evil ways O Ye folks
lest you burn in hell…JK Rowling especially’

The worm’s final trick is that every time infected users open Internet Explorer, they will find their start page has been redirected to a spoof web page selling a book entitled ‘Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes’.

So do not download any such file and keep your system secure with daily antivirus updates.



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