Create virtual drives for most accessed folders

3 07 2007

Which folder do you access the most? For most of you, it will be ‘My Music’. So just to save you a little time, you can create a virtual drive which shows up in My Computer and Windows Explorer. Follow these steps to do so:

Lets suppose the folder is D:\My Music

Now to create a virtual drive that leads to this folder:

1. Go to Start menu and click on Run.

2. Type cmd and press Enter. This will open the command prompt.

3. Now type subst <virual drive:> <space> <path of the folder> and press Enter

For the folder above, the command will be as below:

subst k: d:\my music

Thats all. The drive will show up in My Computer.

Note: If you want to remove a virtual drive, just type /d giving a space after subst <drive name> and press Enter.

For example: subst k: /d                                                  



One response

4 07 2007

Wow this is really cool … I’m also writing about it in my blog :-). I’ve been following you through my rss reader … you just blog about some cool tricks and softwares.. Keep it up dude.

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