Talking Trojan Deletes PC Files

8 07 2007

A new Trojan has been talking PCs into being infected, while it simultaneously deletes all the files on the computer and gets away by wishing you a nice day.

The BotVoice.A Trojan, detected by PandaLabs, uses Windows text reader to say, “You have been infected I repeat you have been infected and your system files have been deleted. Sorry. Have a nice day and bye bye.”

These comments are repeated in a loop as the trojan tries to delete all the files in the computer’s hard disk. It also renders computers unusable as it modifies the Windows registry so that none of the programs installed on the computer nor the task manager can be run. It also disables the Windows registry editor in order to safeguard its actions.

This trojan uses P2P networks, physical storage devices, such as USB memory sticks, floppy disks or CD-ROMs, and downloads performed by other malware or from malicious web pages, to look for victims.

PandaLabs has warned that in cases of a new and previously unknown Trojan like BotVoice.A, the infection will not be prevented by traditional antivirus software, which relies primarily on signature files of known malware.

More information here



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