Why iPhone???

26 07 2007

I know I am a little late at this. iPhone has been launched and its been an instant hit. As I was sitting idle, I thought what may be the top reasons behind its success. So here I write why you should own an iPhone:

1. 3.5” Widescreen Display

3.5”, 320×480 px display at 160 ppi. All I can say is WOW!

2. Touch Screen

Touch screen has been used in electronic devices and interfaces for years now, but the iPhone takes touch-screen implementation to a whole new level.

3. Mac OSXiphone

The version of OSX that Apple use on the iPhone is fully customised and streamlined for mobile use. It includes the software component “Core Animation” which is responsible for the smooth animations used in its user interface, so that’s how it looks so slick.

4. The Look

It measures in at 115×61×11.6 mm (4.5×2.4×0.46”) and weighs 135 grams (4.8 ounces). When you consider how much is squeezed into the iPhone, that’s small. The whole thing is lovely, lots of nice lines and the sort of finish that Apple are famous for.]

5. It’s so Clever

It has a built-in accelerometer that tells it whether you are holding it vertically or horizontally and adjusts the screen accordingly. It is these little things that make a big difference. This is just the tip of the iceberg, the iPhone is stuffed full of cool features.

6. A Video iPod

Do I need to say anything about that?

7. Wireless Capabilities

The iPhone has Wi-Fi which will be able to take the device online so long as it is in range of a wireless network point. The iPhone also has Bluetooth built in and works with wireless earpieces that use Bluetooth 2.0 technology and for file transfer. The tech bit? Well, the iPhone is a quad band GSM phone along with a 802.11g/b Wi-Fi, supports EDGE data transfer (for high speed internet and data transfer), and Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR.

8. Full Web Browsing

It uses Apple’s Safari Browser and displays web pages in their full form. So no pokey little optimised site, but a full on, glorious World Wide Web.

9. Widgets

These ingenious little things allow you to do important and unimportant things with consummate ease. You can check the weather, check stocks, check flight times and much more.

10. Did I tell that you can make calls with it?

Its amazing, isn’t it? You can make calls with it too! 😉

And guess what makes iPhone such a great device?

Well, it has an i before it!!!



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