Keyboard Shortcuts + Firefox = Time Saver + Fun

31 07 2007

Wanna type a url in the address bar and you know you have to reach out to your mouse and click in the bar to type the address, whereas some of you know just the right keys you can use for the same purpose without playing with the little rodent on your table. So here I present some of the most time-saver keyboard shortcuts for Firefox browser. You try them once, you use them forever!


  • Select location bar: Ctrl/Cmd+L or Alt+D
  • Select search bar: Ctrl/Cmd+K
  • Back: Backspace or Alt/Cmd+Left
  • Forward: Alt/Option+Right or Shift+Backspace
  • Change search engine: Ctrl/Cmd+Down (Next) +Up (Previous)

Searching pages

  • Find as you type text: /
  • Find as you type link:
  • Regular old find: Ctrl/Cmd+F

Completing web address

  • To add .com, type the main phrase in the address bar and press Ctrl + Enter
  • To add .net, press Shift + Enter
  • To add .org, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter

To open an address in a new Tab, just press Alt with the above shortcuts. For example, to open in a new Tab, you have to type google in the address bar and then press Alt+Ctrl+Enter. This will open in a new tab.

The same applies to search function also. You can type your search query in the firefox search box and then press Alt+Enter to open the results in a new tab.

I have tried to include only the handy shortcuts that you would use most commonly while browsing. You might want to check out the full list of Firefox keyboard shortcuts.

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5 07 2010
Tech News

I woke up today sad but after reading this post my mood improved.

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