I iGoogle…Do you?

3 08 2007

Not too long ago, iGoogle was better known as Google Personalized Homepage. iGoogle lets you create a customised homepage that you can set as your browser’s default page with all you want to see when you fire it up.

Here are a few things you can do with your iGoogle page:

Change The Theme

Google also gives you with a nice bunch of themes to choose from. Click on the “Select theme” link. Choose one of the themes and click Save. And remember, these themes are not just plain-old-colour-change themes. Most of the themes are dynamic, that means they change as according to the time of day at your location.

Add Gadgets

Familiar with widgets? Google calls them Gadgets. There are hundreds of gadgets in several categories. Click on Add Stuff, find the gadget you like and click Add it now. The gadget will be added your homepage.

Make Your Own Gadgets
Google gives you a base to start off with your own little Gadgets. To add your own Gadgets, click on Add Stuff. Then, click on “My Community”. On the next page click “Write your own gadget”. You will come to a page with an option to choose between some seven presets.

Click on a preset suitable for the Gadget you’re planning on making. Enter the information for that Gadget and click on “Preview gadget” to get an idea of what it will look like. If you’re pleased with the results, click on “Create gadget”.

Add A New Tab

If you reach a point when there are too many gadgets in your iGoogle page, you can choose to put the less important ones in a new tab. Click on the “Add a tab” link. You will be asked to enter a name for the tab. Once the tab is created, you can click on Add Stuff to add new Gadgets to that tab. You can also move Gadgets from one tab to another by clicking the title bar of the Gadget and dragging it into the tab name.
Add Feeds To iGoogle

iGoogle lets you do some basic feed reading as well. The steps are similar to adding Gadgets. Click on Add Stuff. Click on “Add by URL” next to the search button.

Enter the URL for the feed and click Add. Next, click on Close, and go to the main iGoogle Page. You will find the feed listing there. You can change the number of news items displayed by clicking on the drop-down and selecting “Edit settings”. Use the drop-down to change the number of news items and click Save.

View Gadget Source
Anyone can view the source code for Gadgets. Click on the drop-down in the title bar of a Gadget and click “About this gadget”. A new page with comments from users will be displayed. Click on the “View source” link to view the source for the Gadget. On the right panel, lists of similar gadgets are displayed for you to choose from.

So Go and Personalize your iGoogle page now!

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6 responses

24 12 2007

Cool topic! 😉

8 03 2008
asif pathan

Good topic but you should give information about “creating your own theme”

3 04 2008
tv brackets

I use google for years, I don’t know google have this kind of services.”

2 05 2008
unkle e

I use iGoogle, but somethings seems to have changed recently that I don’t understand. When I started, I set up links to several blogs so that I had the 2-3 latest post headings appear on my home page. I definitely didn’t use feeds, just the URL of the blog.

But now it won’t accept the URL for some blogs, even if I try to repeat some that I currently have working on my home page, even though it accepts others. I had thought it might be that it is intelligent enough to find the feed from the main blog URL, but since it won’t do what it used to do, that can’t be the whole story.

Do you have any ideas what is happening here?

7 12 2008

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