IBM Desktop Hindi Speech Recognition Software launched in India

19 08 2007

Software giant IBM has developed a speech recognition software in Hindi. The company hopes that this development will help physically challenged and less literate Hindi speakers to access information using a variety of applications.Called the Desktop Hindi Speech Recognition technology, this software was developed by the IBM India Software Lab jointly with the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing.

The IBM Desktop Hindi Speech Recognition software is capable of recognizing over 75,000 Hindi words with dialectical variations, providing an accuracy of 90 to 95%. What’s more; this software also has an integrated spellchecker that corrects spoken-word errors, enhancing the accuracy to a great extent.

The Desktop Hindi Speech Recognition Technology also integrates a number of user-friendly features such as the facility to convert text to digits and decimals, date and currency format, and into fonts which could be imported to any Windows-based application.



5 responses

19 12 2007

i want speech recognition software for english for my linux operating system
please help

28 01 2008

i want see demo of this software..

11 11 2008
Navin Mahadule

I want to see the demo of this software.

7 02 2009
ashish jha

i want to see a demo and what is the name of this software?

3 07 2012

for English dragon speech recognition

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