How to Capture Screenshots from Windows Media Player

24 09 2007

Yesterday I tried to use the extremely useful screen capture by ‘Print Screen Key’ to try to capture a wmv running file on my Windows media player 11. But whenever I tried to use the print screen, a blank image was captured from the windows media player. So grabing a screenshot from Window Media Player is not so easy as it seems.

Then I thought maybe the running video was posing a problem with capturing a frame. So I paused the movie and tried the print screen technique. But still got a blank screen.

Then I tried to capture paused and running movies in full screen (Full screen shortcut – using Alt+Enter). But again no luck.

So I decided to tweak some advanced options of Window media player.

So here is the free and simple way to capture Images from Windows Media Player

  • Open Window Media Player
  • Then go to Tools | Options
  • In Options, select the Performance Tab
  • Way below you click on the Advanced Button
  • Uncheck “Use Overlays’
  • Click Ok
  • And you are ready.

Now run your movie in any size or screen resolution. Use the standard ‘Print Screen Key’ Method and you have captured a snapshot from your favourite movie on windows media player without using any special multimedia software. Enjoy!



16 responses

24 02 2008
Ragi Jacob

This way don’t work with media player 11

28 02 2008

Didn’t work for me either, in WMP 11.

3 03 2008

That method works for me, Im running WMP11 v.11.0.57xx.xxxx….. on win XP.

21 08 2008

Dude! YOu forgot the easy one! u must uncheck overlays of course! But To save to a the hard drive press Ctrl+I (That is a capital “i” and not a lowercase “L”).

Yeah it opens a box to save as, and the frame is perfect.

18 09 2008

works like a charm.. good job

21 11 2008

it works… but the quality of the video is bad

29 05 2009

That does NOT work!!! Nothing works. I’ll just find something that is NOT windows media player!!!

9 09 2009

Ehm… There is no “Advance” botton in Media Player 11

5 12 2009

None of these work for me either. I use XP and WMP 11 :o\

5 12 2009

I just read somewhere that if the video is copyrighted, WMP will never let you take screeshots no matter what you do.

19 10 2010

(My english sucks) Oh, you have to uncheck the two ‘use overlays’ (i think) and then, the ctrl+i that the dude said. I’ve made it and now works perfectly. :3

11 02 2011
miss cynic

I can capture the pics, but whenever I move them, the picture didn’t move. and when i turn off the WMP, the picture went blank!!!
tried, cntr+i and overlays uncheck…

help help help..

24 02 2011
Download nokia maps


I have the same problem as miss cynic.
Just doesn’t work! 😦

Any 3rd party app?

24 02 2011
Download nokia maps

No 3rd party app needed! I just found it:
1-Open Window Media Player
2-Then go to Tools | Options
3-In Options, select the Performance Tab
4-##### WAIT! no need to click on Advanced!! Just change Video acceleration from Full to None!!#####
5-Click OK and you are Done!

15 11 2012

The option “Uncheck “Use Overlays’” and Click Ok and click apply.
This worked perfectly for me.
After setting the above option Need to restart the Windows Media Player (close & reopen windows Media Player and then take screen shot by clicking on Printscreen key).
(I tried in Windows media Player 11.0 and Word 2007, windows xp SP3. It worked perfectly)

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