Four Hundred Million Firefox Downloads

9 09 2007

On November 9th, 2004, you all started a movement. Spread Firefox, supported by tens of thousands of contributors, took just 99 days to deliver 25 million downloads of Firefox to a world of people desperate for a better Web — a Web that didn’t overwhelm them with pop-ups, a Web that didn’t infect their systems with viruses and spyware, a Web that was fun again, simply put, a Web that worked.

In less than six months, you all doubled that number to 50 million downloads, turned open source into a household word and reasserted the supremacy of choice and simplicity.

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Fire up your Firefox: FaviconizeTab

2 08 2007

The FaviconizeTab extension reduces the width of specified tabs to only its favicon to save space in the tab bar. Set those tabs you always have open to just their icon – like Gmail, Lifehacker, or Google Reader – to make room for other tabs’ titles that you actually need to read. Once the extension is installed, right-click to Faviconize it. FaviconizeTab will also remember which tabs you’ve iconized next time you launch the ‘fox if you have Firefox set up to restore your previous session.


Keyboard Shortcuts + Firefox = Time Saver + Fun

31 07 2007

Wanna type a url in the address bar and you know you have to reach out to your mouse and click in the bar to type the address, whereas some of you know just the right keys you can use for the same purpose without playing with the little rodent on your table. So here I present some of the most time-saver keyboard shortcuts for Firefox browser. You try them once, you use them forever!


  • Select location bar: Ctrl/Cmd+L or Alt+D
  • Select search bar: Ctrl/Cmd+K
  • Back: Backspace or Alt/Cmd+Left
  • Forward: Alt/Option+Right or Shift+Backspace
  • Change search engine: Ctrl/Cmd+Down (Next) +Up (Previous)

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New Firefox Browser Fixes Seven Security Holes

19 07 2007

Mozilla has released a new version of its popular Firefox Web browser, version, to plug multiple security holes. In all, Mozilla fixed at least seven security vulnerabilities in its latest release, including a flaw that uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to trick Firefox into opening up a variety of dangerous security holes.

Netscape Navigator 9 beta 1

13 06 2007

Netscape Navigator 9 may just give Netscape a fighting chance of some sort of comeback. Maybe. The new look is certainly an improvement, and it offers a richer browsing experience, with much faster page rendering. It’s based around the existing Mozilla Firefox engine, so shares many of the latest enhancements of the Firefox browser. It also means that Netscape Navigator supports the existing Firefox add-ons, extensions and more. Effectively, this is a version of Firefox with a custom theme.

There are some new and different features. For instance, Netscape Navigator 9 will attempt URL correction, if you enter an incorrect URL. Read the rest of this entry »

Which is the fastest browser?

30 05 2007

There are hundreds of thousands of discussions going on in forums with the same question which is the fastest browser on Earth? My friends often ask me the same question. So I decided to find answer to this question. In my test, I included the three most popular browsers – Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 2 and Opera 9 as well as Avant browser.

I conducted my tests on three different machines – one of mine and two of my friends. Read the rest of this entry »

Drive your friends crazy with this cool Firefox trick!

24 05 2007

Firefox inside Firefox? Oh My God! What the hell is this?

This nifty little Firefox trick that is sure to drive some of your friends crazy! As seen in the screenshot above you can very easily embed multiple Firefox windows inside of your main Firefox window. Read the rest of this entry »