How To Show Your Name in Windows Taskbar

25 09 2007

Though there are thousands of Windows XP tips and tricks but some of them are very easy to implement and at the same time very fun to do. Today I have a sweet Windows XP trick for you that will give your Windows a personal touch and will also let you show off your name branding in front of your non-geek friends. Basically this trick will let you display a name of your choice (preferably your own name) in the Windows Taskbar just beside the digital time clock.

Show Your Name in Taskbar near Digital Time

Follow the steps and see the sweet magic

  1. Open Start Menu and then open Control Panel
  2. Double click Regional and Language Options
  3. Click Customize (besides English U.S drop down menu)
  4. Go to Time tab and change AM/PM symbols to the name of your choice

and you are done. Now that was fast and easy wasn’t it? Enjoy. Here is what I came up with


This is what happens when…

7 08 2007

Just stumbled upon this! Has it ever happened to you?

He just goes crazy when his computer doesn’t work as fast as he want it to be.

Oh God! Just watch it out! (I guess he is trying to play some game!)

An Ideal Microsoft Keyboard!

12 07 2007

Is this what Microsoft is all about…

Microsoft KBoard

A cool little MS Paint trick

10 07 2007

The video is not of as good quality. The effect you get in reality is much smoother than shown in the video. Try it yourself.

I went a little further and created something like below:
MS paint trick

The 1-click Award

7 07 2007

This is quite amusing. Just check this out. The 1-click award!


(Don’t forget to click.)