Think Different – Apple MacBook Air vs Sony TZseries

29 01 2008

As my colleague Dan Frakes discussed, the MacBook Air is all about tradeoffs, even if Apple doesn’t present it as such. As Dan explained, it’sMacBook Air just that the MacBook Air’s tradeoffs are different than those other manufacturers have chose for their subnotebooks. Basically, Apple opted to focus on thickness (or thinness), weight, performance, and screen and keyboard size in the MacBook Air.In his Macworld Expo keynote presentation, Steve Jobs used the Sony TZ series as a point of comparison in some charts showing how the MacBook Air compared to the TZ in many areas. I thought it might be interesting to take that comparison deeper, examining all of the major features of a Sony TZ-series laptop against those same features in the MacBook Pro….”

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Watch The Steve Jobs 90-minutes keynote in 60 seconds

17 01 2008

If you can’t find time to watch the 90-minutes Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld, then all you have to do is to spare just one minute, for the same purpose. You can now watch the keynote in 60 seconds done by Mahalo Daily. Don’t hesitate. I assure you they have got more of it covered in 60 seconds than you can think of.

Steve Jobs Keynote in 60 seconds