Watch The Steve Jobs 90-minutes keynote in 60 seconds

17 01 2008

If you can’t find time to watch the 90-minutes Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld, then all you have to do is to spare just one minute, for the same purpose. You can now watch the keynote in 60 seconds done by Mahalo Daily. Don’t hesitate. I assure you they have got more of it covered in 60 seconds than you can think of.

Steve Jobs Keynote in 60 seconds


It’s blogging time

16 01 2008

Well…its more than three months since I last posted on this blog. But no worries. I am back again with some great tips and tricks.

So keep visiting this page for updates.

Have a nice day!

Four Hundred Million Firefox Downloads

9 09 2007

On November 9th, 2004, you all started a movement. Spread Firefox, supported by tens of thousands of contributors, took just 99 days to deliver 25 million downloads of Firefox to a world of people desperate for a better Web — a Web that didn’t overwhelm them with pop-ups, a Web that didn’t infect their systems with viruses and spyware, a Web that was fun again, simply put, a Web that worked.

In less than six months, you all doubled that number to 50 million downloads, turned open source into a household word and reasserted the supremacy of choice and simplicity.

Read complete story at SpreadFirefox 

Start Page for Zoho

29 08 2007

Online office tools provider Zoho today released a beta version of Zoho Start, a launch pad for Zoho’s suite of office applications. Zoho currently offers a suite of 16 separate apps and utilities, and while they have a common login, there was nothing really tying them together as a single office suite. There was no easy way to access your spreadsheets and word processing documents from a single space, for example.

Zoho Start is what the company is calling a first step “towards integrating Zoho Apps under a single page.” The page currently aggregates files from Zoho Writer, Sheet, and Show and lets users organize them into folders, as well as share, tag, import, and export documents via a common interface. Zoho Start also draws a list of contacts from Zoho Chat, and a features a launcher for their entire application suite.

MyLiveSearch public release announced

20 08 2007

MyLiveSearchMyLiveSearch has officially announced its public release which is scheduled to be on August 29. MyLiveSearch, which claims to be the world’s first live search engine, is the brainchild of software developer Rob Gabriel.

Google’s search engine works by building a vast index of web pages, via automated “spiders” that crawl through billions of web pages a year. However this represents only a fraction of the enormous, sprawling internet, and the index can never be entirely up to date.

Yahoo! search and Microsoft’s Live search work the same way.

MyLiveSearch is fundamentally different. It works through a small browser plug-in. The search terms are put through Google, or other indexed search databases, but those results are treated as “starting points” alongside the user’s bookmarks and other popular web hubs.

From there, the live search takes over, crawling through hundreds of web pages connected to those starting points in search of more information relevant to the search.

Mr Gabriel says the results come back in seconds, and are almost always richer, more detailed and more useful than a standard, index-based search.

IBM Desktop Hindi Speech Recognition Software launched in India

19 08 2007

Software giant IBM has developed a speech recognition software in Hindi. The company hopes that this development will help physically challenged and less literate Hindi speakers to access information using a variety of applications.Called the Desktop Hindi Speech Recognition technology, this software was developed by the IBM India Software Lab jointly with the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing.

The IBM Desktop Hindi Speech Recognition software is capable of recognizing over 75,000 Hindi words with dialectical variations, providing an accuracy of 90 to 95%. What’s more; this software also has an integrated spellchecker that corrects spoken-word errors, enhancing the accuracy to a great extent.

The Desktop Hindi Speech Recognition Technology also integrates a number of user-friendly features such as the facility to convert text to digits and decimals, date and currency format, and into fonts which could be imported to any Windows-based application.

YouTube adds a new feature – Buffer anywhere

16 08 2007

Now you can move the YouTube video playhead to any location in the timeline and the video will begin to stream from that position itself – you no longer have to wait for the entire video clip to load.

Thanks Google!