Start Page for Zoho

29 08 2007

Online office tools provider Zoho today released a beta version of Zoho Start, a launch pad for Zoho’s suite of office applications. Zoho currently offers a suite of 16 separate apps and utilities, and while they have a common login, there was nothing really tying them together as a single office suite. There was no easy way to access your spreadsheets and word processing documents from a single space, for example.

Zoho Start is what the company is calling a first step “towards integrating Zoho Apps under a single page.” The page currently aggregates files from Zoho Writer, Sheet, and Show and lets users organize them into folders, as well as share, tag, import, and export documents via a common interface. Zoho Start also draws a list of contacts from Zoho Chat, and a features a launcher for their entire application suite.


Using Bookmarks in Word 2007

3 08 2007

If you’re working on a long Word document, navigating through it can be a hassle. This makes it difficult if you need to return to a specific location for further editing.

But Word 2007 lets you bookmark specific parts of your document. Then, you can easily return to the location.

Adding Bookmarks in a Word 2007 document

To insert a bookmark in Word 2007, follow these steps:

1. Select the portion of your document you’d like to bookmark

2. On the ribbon, click the Insert tab

3. Click Bookmark in the Links section

4. Type a name under Bookmark name. Bookmark names must begin with a letter and cannot contain spaces

5. Click Add

Opening Bookmarks in a document

Once you insert bookmarks in your Word 2007 documents, you can open them easily. This makes navigating through long documents a breeze.

1. Click the Insert tab on the ribbon

2. Click Bookmark in the Links section

3. Select the name of the bookmark you would like to open

4. Click Go To

Deleting Bookmarks

After you’re done editing your document, you’ll probably want to delete any bookmarks you’ve created. Or, you may wish to delete the bookmarks after you’re done editing the bookmarked locations.

1. Click the Insert tab on the Office ribbon

2. In the Links section, click Bookmark

3. Select the bookmark you’d like to delete

4. Click Delete

Top 10 Tips for Outlook 2007

9 06 2007

The first time you open Outlook 2007 you might be disappointed to see that, on the face of it, Outlook does not display the new ribbon and new interface that you will see in the other major applications in the Office 2007 suite such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Dig a little deeper under the surface, however, and you’ll see that the Ribbon and new interface are there in places, but more than this, Outlook is significantly improved both in terms of both functionality and features.

There’s a lot to like about Outlook 2007 and plenty of new tools to help you be more productive. Here are our ten best tips for working with the new Outlook 2007:

1) Get organized

The new Outlook To Do bar is highly visible on the right side of your Outlook screen. If you use a large display there is plenty of room for the To Do bar to sit there as you work. If you’re using a small screen it can be collapsed by clicking the double chevron indicator in its top right corner, but it stays handy so you can access it with a single click.

The To Do bar gives you the tools you need to organize your day all in one place. It contains mini calendars as well as a list of upcoming appointments and tasks awaiting completion.

For the first time the Outlook task list is where it should be — right in front of you so it’s a tool you can easily use. To add a new task, click in the ‘Type a new task’ box, type the task description and it will be added as a task to be performed today. To configure more detail about the task, double-click it to open the task dialog and make your changes. Read the rest of this entry »