Block Unwanted Scraps in Orkut Scrapbook

24 09 2007

Orkut was always looked down upon when compared to other social networking websites due to its low privacy features and security holes which could get your Orkut account hacked or even cause you to lose some very personal information but the recent addition of a new feature to the Orkut system shall now ensure that Orkut will be safe enough to compete with other social networks like Facebook and MySpace.

How To Block Unwanted Scraps on Orkut

“Friends and Friends Only Scraps” (Thats what I call it) is a new feature that has been recently added to the Orkut system and will ensure that you get scraps only from the people you trust i.e. friends and family etc. This will block all unwanted scraps in your scrapbook from people who usually used to spam you or irritate you for no reason. The new great feature will make sure that you don’t get links to any malicious scripts and websites and will also prevent unknown people from writing something abusive or unethical on your scrapbook.

Follow the simple little steps to set up the “Friends and Friends Only Scraps” Feature

  1. Open Orkut Privacy Settings
  2. See the third row which says “allow scraps to be written by”
  3. In the drop down menu select “Friends”
  4. Save changes and You are done

    Happy Orkutting!!!