Manage your tasks professionally with VIP Organizer

12 08 2007

VIP Organizer is a personal time and task management software to organize your home and office. It is a powerful organizer tool which helps you to organize everything in a to-do list and track progress of your personal and business tasks. It is a day organizer, planner, notepad and reminder combined in one full-featured application.

Key features:

* Export of Task List to MS Excel, HTML, XML, Text and CSV formats
* Multiple Database management
* Tree-structured category system
* Intuitive interface
* Flexible task grouping
* Extended printing capabilities
* Full-featured RTF editor
* Advanced reminder (Message, Sound and E-mail)
* Visual tracking of tasks status
* Recurrence tasks setting
* Task Sorting and Filtration

Download VIP Organizer v2.7


Camtasia Studio 4 – The Best You can get

6 08 2007

Capturing on screen activity to create a movie is so much easier these days with more powerful computers and software — and it is also a more helpful way of explaining how a task can be done. Such a concept works great if you want to create tutorial movies, and TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio is most certainly among the best products for this type of work.

About Camtasia Studio 4

Camtasia Studio is from TechSmith, a company based in Okemos, Michigan, USA. TechSmith also creates SnagIt, a screen capture tool with built-in editing and cataloging capabilities. You can learn more about the products from their site…

  • Camtasia Studio includes a PowerPoint add-in that allows you to create movie captures from presentations right inside PowerPoint.
  • Camtasia Studio works great for capture of PowerPoint presentations since it allows wider distribution of the presentation content in a file format that cannot be edited.
  • Recorded presentations can be output to various file formats like Flash, WindowsMedia, Quicktime, Real, etc.
  • Camtasia Studio 4 allows you to create movies suitable for playback on Apple iPods or any portable media player.
  • You can post your movies as screencasts with accompanying files online at TechSmith’s new site.

In addition, you can also edit the captured video along with movie clips from other sources within Camtasia Studio’s project window.


No other product in its class comes as close in capabilities or ease-of-use as Camtasia Studio — the new version works even better and has many new abilities up its sleeve. The product is priced right, and the support is amazing.

Mount any folder as a hard drive with Visual Subst

22 05 2007

Freeware application Visual Subst lets you mount any file on your hard drive as a virtual hard drive.
Visual Subst

That means that you’ve got quick access to your most oft-used folders—no matter where they’re located—through a simple virtual drive. The drive shows up in My Computer, or you can navigate to it through the run menu or Launchy by just typing the letter name (e.g., b:\) and hitting Enter.

I have mounted my music directory as a hard drive. Its quite useful. And free too.