Control Startup Programs in Windows XP

12 02 2008

Windows has an inbuilt tool which allows you to control startup programs.

  1. Go to Start
  2. Click on Run
  3. Type msconfig
  4. Press Enter

Once you have the program opened, go to the Startup tab at the top (the last tab). Here you’ll find a list of programs that are set to start with Windows. The ones that are checked are currently the ones that start with Windows. Un-tick any programs in the list you do not wish to have run when Windows boots.


If you are not sure what a program is in the list, you should probably leave it checked.


Shutdown, Restart, and Logoff Icons on Desktop

6 02 2008

You can have shortcuts on the Desktop for shutdown, restart, logoff, standby etc.Shutdown restart icons on desktop

Right-click on the Desktop and create a new shortcut by selecting New > Shortcut.

Then in the Type the location of the item box, enter shutdown.exe -s -t 00

where 00 is the delay in seconds (you can increase it). You will then be asked to select a name (call it “Shutdown”, for example).

After creating the shortcut, you can change the icon assigned to it by right-clicking on the shortcut and selecting Properties. The window that comes up next has a Change Icon option.

For a Restart shortcut, use shutdown.exe -r -t 00

For logoff shortcut, type shutdown -l -t 00

For Fast User Switching shortcut, use Rundll32.exe User32.dll, LockWorkStation

For Standby/Hibernation shortcut use Rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState

Block Unwanted Scraps in Orkut Scrapbook

24 09 2007

Orkut was always looked down upon when compared to other social networking websites due to its low privacy features and security holes which could get your Orkut account hacked or even cause you to lose some very personal information but the recent addition of a new feature to the Orkut system shall now ensure that Orkut will be safe enough to compete with other social networks like Facebook and MySpace.

How To Block Unwanted Scraps on Orkut

“Friends and Friends Only Scraps” (Thats what I call it) is a new feature that has been recently added to the Orkut system and will ensure that you get scraps only from the people you trust i.e. friends and family etc. This will block all unwanted scraps in your scrapbook from people who usually used to spam you or irritate you for no reason. The new great feature will make sure that you don’t get links to any malicious scripts and websites and will also prevent unknown people from writing something abusive or unethical on your scrapbook.

Follow the simple little steps to set up the “Friends and Friends Only Scraps” Feature

  1. Open Orkut Privacy Settings
  2. See the third row which says “allow scraps to be written by”
  3. In the drop down menu select “Friends”
  4. Save changes and You are done

    Happy Orkutting!!!

    How to Capture Screenshots from Windows Media Player

    24 09 2007

    Yesterday I tried to use the extremely useful screen capture by ‘Print Screen Key’ to try to capture a wmv running file on my Windows media player 11. But whenever I tried to use the print screen, a blank image was captured from the windows media player. So grabing a screenshot from Window Media Player is not so easy as it seems.

    Then I thought maybe the running video was posing a problem with capturing a frame. So I paused the movie and tried the print screen technique. But still got a blank screen.

    Then I tried to capture paused and running movies in full screen (Full screen shortcut – using Alt+Enter). But again no luck.

    So I decided to tweak some advanced options of Window media player.

    So here is the free and simple way to capture Images from Windows Media Player

    • Open Window Media Player
    • Then go to Tools | Options
    • In Options, select the Performance Tab
    • Way below you click on the Advanced Button
    • Uncheck “Use Overlays’
    • Click Ok
    • And you are ready.

    Now run your movie in any size or screen resolution. Use the standard ‘Print Screen Key’ Method and you have captured a snapshot from your favourite movie on windows media player without using any special multimedia software. Enjoy!